Dastgah Channel Online Store, a.k.a. Dastgah Shoppe provides for an e-commerce platform as a vendor service to its clients under a commission sharing arrangement. It is acheived under a legally formed mutual agreement for a specific period of time under specific conditions.

Services provided by Dastgah Channel to it’s clients for e-commerce activities, broadly happens at two different levels. They are categorized as, (i) Affiliated Services and (ii) Hosted Services.


Vendors who already have an active e-commerce platform may go for a affiliation agreement, which includes hosting a single product page from their e-commerce website, and pay a fixed amount per page (read product) on a periodic basis. Product or pages may be hosted in the vendors own site, or product or services hosted in any other e-commerce portal like Amazon, Snapdeal etc.

This feature particularly suits those who are only seeking extra reach in the market for their products and services, and want to spend bare minimum or nothing at all for such services. We have some exciting offers for our clients to avail absolutely free affiliated services. Keep reading for details on these offers.

Paid Affiliated Insertions cost ₹20.00 (30 ¢) per month, per insertion (read Product).

Clients can avail Affiliated Insertions, absolutely free, under the following terms and conditions.

  • Applicant must be a registered member of Dastgah Channel.
  • Under any circumstances, FREE insertions are valid for a period of 30 days only.
  • One must apply for a FREE affiliated insertion, by filling an online form.
  • One cannot have more than 4 (four) FREE insertions active at the same time.
  • FREE insertions can be earned by writing product reviews, or blogs (check conditions on the agreement)
Agreement – Affiliated


Hosted services in Dastgah Shoppe (Dastgah Channel) includes product hosting in our e-commerce platform with features including payment processing, digital inventory management, sales analysis reports and other hosted features. This is a purely paid service and individual business agreements are followed as guidelines. The basic business format is a commission per sale, agreement with the client. (check conditions on the agreement)

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