Indians Are Monetizing Their Weddings

Like any other country, a wedding in India is a significant social affair. But unlike the first world countries, Indians do not have a lavish lifestyle in general. People in India tend to have a higher propensity to save, as is common in any other developing nation.

Also, marriage is considered to be the most consecrated institution in India as it is a means to perpetuate family legacy.

And then somehow, it becomes the duty of the breadwinner of the family to organize an event as momentous as a wedding to the best of their abilities. Therefore, it does not really remain a personal get-together to celebrate the union of two people who are in love.

It eternizes the cliche, ‘Yahan shaadi do logon mein nahi, do parivaron mein hoti hain’.

Moreover, in India, particularly in Hinduism, the ‘kanyadaan’ or giving away one’s daughter is considered to be the holiest virtue of every girl’s father. Beliefs and practices like this continue to add to the ritualistic importance of the wedding.

The cherry on top of that is our eternal affinity to the west. We don’t take much time to ape to the west. And that has significantly contributed to the addition of several pre-wedding events like engagement, cocktail, and bachelor’s party.

Last but not least is Bollywood. It is responsible for extending an unnecessary element of hype and romanticism into weddings.

But now, as we move into today’s ultra-modern society, marriages are no more just about expenditure. Couples and their families have found to be earning a lot more than they end up spending on these extravagant ceremonies.

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