SVAR Food Products

SVAR Food Products


House No. 10, Thakur Lane, Satsang Ashram Road, Silchar – 788007

Price Offer: ₹560.00
Contact: Susmita Sinha
Phone: +917002908408  Email:

Most hygenically prepared authentic traditional & delicious Hidol. A staple with every Bishnupriya Manipuri. Specific kind of sun dried fermented sweet water small fishes mashed with specific aurum stems and traditionally stored pre-processed food item.

It is used in the preparation of various types of chutneys and flavour for boiled preparations along with traditional herbs and spices.

Available in 1 Kg, 500 gm and 250 gm pack. Plus Shipping

Check the video below on how it is prepared in the traditional Bishnupriya Manipuri way at our facilities.

YouTube player

We deliver all over India.

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